Psycho Incense

Psycho Incense. Leaving you "wild" and wanting more!

Psycho Incense will electrify your senses as you sit in its cloud of penetrating vapors. Just burn the incense, sit back and wait to feel the powerful botanicals interact with every atom of your being. You will find yourself being illuminated in the glow of heightened awareness as the vapors penetrate the corners of your mind. Psycho Incense erases the tensions of the day and washes away your stressful day as it wafts through the air on tendrils of aromatic smoke. Let yourself rise to new heights of electrified mental clarity. Let your body and mind let go of all the tensions of the day.  

Psycho Herbal Incense works because of a powerful combination of age old herbs and botanicals expertly crafted to burn slow and produce a rich satisfying cloud of happiness. The combination is almost magical.  When you burn a dish of Psycho Herbal Incense you will embark on a stimulating journey of sights, sounds, and sensations all through the aroma therapy. The best part? You can experience this and more without ever leaving your home. This magical mixture of all natural herbs and botanicals is easy to find. It is packaged in resealable bags to help keep it fresh to light anytime, and ships anywhere in the United States. Order some today!

Disclaimer: Strictly for over 18's. Please do not misuse this product. We do not promote human consumption of any type. Any misuse of this product is the sole responsibility of the consumer.

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Psycho Herbal Incense. Wild And Wanting More!Many customers prefer Psycho Herbal Incense because it has a strong effect when the scent is burning. This is a perfect 2nd generation product where the scent will have you in the state of mind you desire!This is one of the top quality Herbal Incense products for your aroma use. If you don't like this one you must be PSYCHO!Disclaimer: Strictly for over..