Klimax Incense

Klimax Incense. For That "Orgasmic Feeling"!

As soon as you tear open that foil wrapper and look down into thick fluffy blend, you know you are going to hit your pinnacle of pleasure.  The light fruity smell penetrates the air before you even burn a dish of this awesome herbal potpourri. Klimax Incense will take you to new heights of satisfaction! Pour some of that light green herbal potpourri blend in your dish and burn it up. Now give in to the fresh and bubbly smoke that will fill your room and tickle your body at the same time. Surrender to the intoxicating fumes emitted from Klimax Incense and let the relaxation begin. Just give in and let it culminate in a totally meditative state. The titillating mental clarity and awareness created by the sensual qualities of its aroma will have you wondering why you have never tried this amazing form of relaxation and meditation before.

Klimax Incense is a really high grade combination of all natural, handpicked herbs and plants blended together to create some seriously awesome product. When you burn Klimax Incense you feel like your body and mind are recharged!  All those problems and troubles just float away on a cloud of beautiful aromatic fumes. Klimax will have you coming back again and again.

Disclaimer: Strictly for over 18's. Please do not misuse this product. We do not promote human consumption of any type. Any misuse of this product is the sole responsibility of the consumer.
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